Some Soap Info...








No Lye=No Soap

We use 100% clean lye (sodium hydroxide). However, the dangerous part is taken care of during the process of mixing it with the oils we use for that particular recipe, known as saponification. Subsequently, the processed soap is cured for 4-6 weeks after a batch is made. After a loaf is cut, or a batch is molded, we head to the shower and test it out personally. We would NEVER sell your family soap that we had not tried ourselves. We also have volunteers who test and critique our products.

            MICAS AND NATURAL COLORINGS; being that we use natural powders and colorants, you may experience a "bleed" effect when showering or bathing. This is when the coloring comes out of the soap when water mixes with it. Don't worry, it doesn't stain or stay on your skin. Unlike chemically laden soap, these natural abrasives don't harm you one bit. They go down the drain, just like the dirt you're washing off.



Since we don't use preservatives and avoid non pronounceable chemicals like the plague, some of our soaps have a 6 month shelf life. Anything containing real fruit or hemp oil, should be used six months after receiving. Depending on the individual conditions, heat, humidity, etc, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact date for best usage time. The best addage; "When in doubt, throw it out ," should be adhered to if your soap smells rancid, or seems discolored.

GIVE YOUR SOAP A FIGHTING CHANCE AT LONGEVITY.  Keep it in a cool, dry, place until you're ready to use it. When in use, try to keep it in a soap dish that has drain holes for air. If you don't have one, most dollar store places have inexpensive "soap savers" that will keep it properly aerated. Also, try to avoid it being constantly drenched by the flow of water.


We are HIGHLY AWARE of the unethical and deadly farming techniques that foreign producers of palm oil engage in. We purchase our palm oil from one  RSPO certified vendor in South Carolina.

We also use butters and oils ONLY from producers that do not use hexane in the extraction process.


We at Raw Tejas Soap can not legally make any claims as to whether or not certain essential oils, oils used in making of our products, or any of the herbal ingredients as to whether or not they will cure any health conditions. Since you the consumer are making the intelligent choice to use naturally made soap, we trust that you are educated enough to research what you have decided to use on your body.

SCENTS  Some of our sale soap has aged and hardened quite well, but you may find the scent is faint or non-existent. This is due to the fact that we do not use any preservatives whatsoever. As you bathe/shower with our soap, it may return in varying strengths. Many of the fragrance oils used in production (being phylate free) means that they do not hold as long as commercially processed soap. However, this in no way diminishes the quality of our product. We are streamlining and redesigning our product lines to sell more quickly and bring you fresher product.