Here we go.....

Back in 2014, we wasted a lot of money on specialized hand cleaners and special soap for handwashing at our mechanic shop. We worked on various formulas and finally developed what we see and hear is some of Houston's best handmade soap. Starting with a simple mechanic soap, and selling our creations at local rock fests and bazaars, we gained tons of input as well as love and respect from our community. AND IT CONTINUES TO GROW,DAILY. 

Raw Tejas Soap now is used exclusively by many bands and artists nationwide. People care about their health, and want products that they know contain the finest and cleanest ingredients. AND you can pronounce them. 

Our artwork is our label. We'd rather put our money into the ingredients, and our profit back out into the community instead of adding frilly bows and fancy wrappers on our soap. Some of the proceeds from the soap you are buying go to finance a local animal rescue organization, or back into sponsoring stages at a local music festival.  SO WE THANK YOU!!!

Whether you're buying this as a gift for yourself or someone else, please enjoy!!! It's not just any soap- IT's RAWSOME!!!!